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February 14 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of the vulnerable wit
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In equatorial countries birth numbers are higher in mid-spring and late autumn. The prevalence of late summer-early autumn births is natural, according to some sources--tied into the harvest season, when food is especially plentiful. But in New Zealand, government birth data gathered from to shows December 25 is also the least common birthday, and the most common is September Christmas in New Zealand is in the summertime, so December, January and February don't have to be cold to inspire more baby-making.

No study has confirmed the most common zodiac signs. This is because births during "cusp" periods -- from the 19th to 23rd of any month -- require precise birth times to pinpoint the placement of the Sun as it leaves one zodiac sign and travels into the next. But from available evidence we can figure that the most common zodiac Sun signs of adults are Virgo, governing those born around August 20 until September 21, and Libra, for those born in the last week of September and first three weeks of October.

If you have plenty of Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio friends, that is natural, because they were born in one of the four most popular birth months. Those born in the first three weeks of July are Cancers; late July and early August children are Leos. Those born in the first weeks of October are Librans, and those born in the last ten days of October are Scorpios.

Working backward from this information we see that late-summer early-fall birthday people were conceived in late fall to mid-winter, with conceptions peaking around Christmas and New Year's Day. An online claim that Scorpio October-November is the most common zodiac sign, followed by Virgo and then Gemini, gave no source for that information. But because Valentine's Day, February 14, has been inflated into a major U. The millennial generation seems to include a larger percentage of Scorpios.

The month with the fewest birthdays is February because it's the shortest month, but the full-length month with the fewest birthdays is January, making Aquarius late January to February 21 the least common zodiac sign. No sources agree on the second-least-common zodiac sign, although some suggest it is Gemini. If we were to count only the youngest Americans, the second-least-likely zodiac sign would be Capricorn. In a group of 70 random people the chance is Among people, the chance is percent. Among only 23 people, the chance is an amazing 50 percent. How this can be so when there are different birthdays?

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This is such an interesting article and thank you for the time you took to research and write it. I am absolutely inundated with Scorpio sun people in my family and amongst my in-laws.

February 14 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

The love of my life for almost 19 years is also a Scorpio. So I would definitely pick that sign as the most prevalent. I almost never bump into that sign.

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It seems like a huge proportion of my clients are Scorpios. Both my Mom and I were born on July 4th.

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I choose Scorpio has most common and it turns out to be correct. My birthday is October towards the end dough but I have ways come across people born into October including my dates. From my experience the most common to least common signs i know are 1 being most common and 12 least, and im a scorpio :. My birthday is the 13th of June so I guess that's something special about me.. Well, I wasn't born on friday luckily. It was a monday. I am a gemini. I have known a lot of people with similar birthdays or on the 13th a month apart though.. Hi, Jo, and happy birthday!

For free you can input your birth information at the website alabe. If you want to learn more about the present or future, consult a professional astrologer. I was born September 16, at Am.


How can I get an accurate reading? Where do I go to find it? Thank you Jo Jo Davidson. The most common zodiac signs are Libra and Scorpio, most people acoount for sag, cap, aqu, and pisceans. Libra is the most common zodiac sign found among social crowds and bystander people, you can walk up to most strangers and ask them their birthdate, and you will get from 4 of 5 people who say scorpio or a malevolent left sided sign, a Libran birthday, to get an Aries would have to be a little more intelligently or ingenuatively pinpointed, they are a more randomized social zodiac sign among births.

Leos are found very scarcely among databases of people revolving around subjects or personell, and they all sway in secondary thinking, antiheroism, arrogance, popularity, or personal safety are some examples, studies by astrology analysts, scientists, have shown Gemini to be the other rare sign, they are usually scarce among extremely popular celebrities of mainstream entertainment and music arts.

The Sun enters each sign at a slightly different time each year. These are the dates the Sun entered or will enter Libra:. I know 6 people born on March 8th and in the month of March as a whole. That's so weird! Also Libra's astrological sign doesn't start until the 23rd of September to October 22nd.

For me, the most common to least common ranking for the signs goes like this 1 being most common, 12 least common :. Also, the least common birthday is definitely February 29th Don't even need to question it.

February 14 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Funny pretty much all of my family is Aquarius, while me and my cousin are both considered outsiders because we are Libras. Interesting hub to read! Wonder why February is infrequent though! I have never met anyone born on my birthday 7th Feb.

February 14 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Alas, if only there WERE more Aquarians in the world - it might be a better place because we care so much for the good of humanity.. Wow, my birthday is on May 22nd, and I know someone who was born on the same day in the same hospital! I had no idea it was one of the least common birthdays, I would have never guessed! I agree Pisces gets the short end of the stick, the most neglected and poorly understood of all Sun signs.

Reliable and magnetic, of course, but not sure what they do is really honest. If they want to attract a large amount of public, then they can easily achieve these goals thanks to the dominant planet that is Mercury. If you know the basics of astrology, you know that Mercury is the planet of ideas, of thought, of intelligence, but also of cunning and cunning. Who is born during this day knows how to use his mind and words, dialogue to attract others and get what he wants.

In the life of these people, those who are not very active, very passive and who do not want to commit but prefer to wait without moving, are without a doubt an illness, the disease of this society that must always be very awake, active, perky and not stand still. Here we are in the presence of a good astral combination because beyond Mercury, dominant planet, we also find the Moon that is the planet governor of many people born in the month of July.

These individuals know how to be very seductive and know how to use the word very well to woo the prey for which they have a sentimental or sexual interest. The game of seduction is very simple for them and anyway living together with a person born in this day is really very nice, even if, Mercury can lead to betray the partner and so you must always try to understand, to understand when a person born the July 14th, he is lying or telling the truth. Merits : sweet, delicate, maternal sense, love of nature, conscientious, strong worker. Defects : easy to blows, moody, jealous, gossipy, too much in need of affection, can not live alone.

Those born on any day of January are Those born on any day of February are Those born on any day of March are Those born on any day of April are Those born on any day of May are Those born on any day of June are Those born on any day of July are Those born on any day of August are More so than any of the other Aquarius Decans, you have an emotional and sensitive nature.

This quality allows you to love whole-heartedly and with passion. In love, your passion may be short-lived however, as you quickly fall in and out of love.

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In all aspects of your life, restlessness will be an issue, but luckily your warm personality will take you far. While selecting a career is one of life's most difficult challenges, your natural abilities will afford you several career opportunities to explore.

Your sensitivity may do well in humanitarian careers, such as teaching, counseling or advising. On the other hand, your compassion and determination would be a great fit for politics, which was the case for Michael Bloomberg, who was also born on February 14th. If the world of entertainment is alluring, your charm and warmth may be a great fit for media or film, much like Meg Tilly, another of your celebrity birthday twins.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a garage man testing a car's battery with a hydrometer.