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  3. By Ethan Zuckerman
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Ask for what you want when Venus, your personal planet of both love and money, enters the free-spirited sign of Gemini on June 8. Get comfortable with your inner self on June 14, when your ruling planet Mars trines your spiritual ruler, Neptune. Pay attention to the shiny promises that people make on June 16 when Jupiter squares Neptune — things are not as they appear.

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Re-evaluate your work routines on June 16 when Mercury, your personal planet of wellbeing, trines intuitive Neptune. Is there a simple way for you to enrich your daily life? Saturn, your personal planet of career, sextiles Neptune on June 18, giving you a new perspective on your career goals.

Daily Horoscope: March 26, - VICE

Is it time for you to make a change? The Sun invigorates your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundations on June 21, helping you to see your space in a whole new light. Trade your nights out for downtime in, or entertaining at home.

Neptune, the ruler of your unconscious, goes retrograde on June 21, encouraging you to take a hard look at your expectations. Re-evaluate your fantasies and look within yourself to embrace new dreams and goals. Throw your credit card in the freezer on June 23 and set a budget for your spending that day when material Venus opposes Jupiter.

Skip the mimosas and make Sunday brunch at home to satisfy your appetite for luxury. Mercury, your health and work ruler, enters bold Leo on June Get comfortable with speaking up at the office, and adding a little flair to your workout outfits. The moon in Sagittarius also lights up the relationship sector of your chart today.

Venus enters fellow water sign Pisces today, Cancer, bringing plenty of positive energy your way! A long distance relationship gets an infusion of sweetness.

Your December Horoscope, Revealed

Love and money planet Venus enters sensitive water sign Pisces today, bringing blessings to some of the most complicated and emotional situations in your life. This is a good time to sort out issues concerning intimacy and finances, too. Lovely Venus enters dreamy Pisces today, bringing big blessings to the relationship sector of your chart, Virgo! This is a fantastic time to meet someone new, or dive deeper in your existing relationships. Your ruling planet Venus enters creative water sign Pisces today, Libra.

By Ethan Zuckerman

This is a great time to edit your wardrobe or rethink your beauty and wellness routine. Expect to run into a crush while you do your errands. Sweet, seductive Venus enters fellow water sign Pisces today, Scorpio!

This bodes well for your creative endeavors, too; inspiration is flowing! The moon is in your sign today, Sagittarius, asking you to focus on self care.

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Venus enters Pisces, bringing lovely energy to your home and family life. This is a beautiful time to connect deeply with your loved ones and redecorate your place.

March 26 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Messages of love come your way as Venus enters water sign Pisces. Creativity is flowing and your intuition is boosted. Venus, the planet of love and money, enters dreamy water sign Pisces today, bringing big blessings to the financial sector of your chart!